Dr. Saeid Malboubi DDS.MS.CAGS

Dr. Saeid Malboubi - Periodontist and Oral Plastic Surgeon

Dr SAEID MALBOUBI is a PERIODONTIST and ORAL PLASTIC SURGEON and graduated from BOSTON UNIVERSITY. He is holding the Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS), Masters of Science (M.S) in Oral Biology and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (SAGS) in Periodontics and Implant surgery. He also has been involved in teaching Periodontics and oral biology for two years in Boston University. He has a teaching position as a volunteer clinical assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Dr. Malboubi has been practicing dentistry since 1997. He has always been dedicated to perform the highest quality standard of care dentistry during his over fourteen years of practicing. He gets benefits of both conventional and the state of the art PIEZO ELECTRIC SURGERY and LASER SURGERY technology to enhance the outcome of his surgical performances.

Dr Malboubi is holding license to practice dentistry in different states included California (CA) , Virginia (VA) , District of Columbia (DC) and perform his services in all these states. He also lectures in different scientific meetings and seminars throughout the US and world wide. He resides in Irvine CA at the moment.

He enjoys most outdoors like hiking, skiing and sport fishing. He also plays Tennis and Table Tennis and holding some world wide ranking in Table Tennis.

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